On the Footpath

Walking down this familiar path,

I catch how much life has changed.

From racing together to school,

To solving those maths sums,

To sharing our daily stories;

What went wrong?

What did I do to be left

Marooned in this black burrow.

What made you take me up the hill;

And then leave me there stranded.

You were my guiding light,

What made you just walk away?

Was it my stupid actions?

Was it my taking you for granted?

Perhaps we may never fathom.


Seasons back little did we imagine

This perennial spring shaping into

the excruciating autumn of unknowingness.

We talk but no more converse,

We know but do not understand.

The cemented walls separating us

seem too thick for emotions

We have learned to exist singly,

even in each other’s company.


The voids left within us

have healed

And all that remain are

emotionless memories.


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Stories and quotes are what I feed on. Let's scribble a novel together. Of our thoughts. Stories. And journeys.

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