About me :D

Why live peacefully when you can overthink..!

* adjusts hair *
* tries to look confident *

I am Aikansh, 22 year old engineer-in-the-making. Stories and quotes are what I feed on. I firmly believe that this world needs more stories than philosophies.

As an introvert trying to adapt to the social expectations of being outgoing, I can be a little lost at times. Making conversations is an art I am terrible at. I think a little to much and rehearse conversations in my head. It always sounds better in the head. According to some website, I have an ISPF personality. I am not very sure what that implies.

I love reading. I am Punny ( No, not puny! ) and probably funny :P. I love to read about things and the way the they impact our lives.

My dream? I want to be known, known for the work that I do and the way I do it.

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