Have you seen your God?

May 18, 2018

I like to think of myself as an atheist. It is not easy though, being from a deeply religious family. To me, the idea of God and the stories that go with it have always appeared what Yuval Harari terms as “common myths”. God, to me, seems too mystical and idealistic to be true. Well, I can go on and on (ranting :P) about my feelings on the concept of a deity. That is not the point I am trying to make though.

Today, it was different.
You know the kind of moment when everything just changes, and you know that it is for the best. The kind of moment that words can never do justice to. The moment that was just a dream until that very second.


There was lightning.
There was roar.
There was jubilation.
There were tears.
There was euphoria.
There were goosebumps.
There was just enough of everything to make that moment a forever.

You know, the enormous elation and satisfaction that people experience when they complete a pilgrimage, I get that now! मैं धन्य हो गया !


Have you seen your God yet? Because I just witnessed mine.


PS: I got to fulfil my lifelong dream of watching MSD play live. The welcome he received when he came out to bat was nothing short of phenomenal. It was one of the most beautiful moments of my life ❤



IMG_20170215_214712_242Is it possible to experience something again?

Can we somehow relive some of our best days?

Can we go back to the person we used to be?

Where are those once indispensable things now?

Where did we lose our best ones?

Where are those days of joy and adventure now?

Nostalgia, thou heartless bitch!