Quote of the day #9

आचार्यात् पादमादत्ते
पादं शिष्यः स्वमेधया ।
पादं सब्रह्मचारिभ्यः
पादं कालक्रमेण च ॥

From the teacher is learned a quarter,
a quarter from the student’s own intelligence,
a quarter from fellow students,
and a quarter with the passage of time.

Dear Friend

I hope this reaches you. I wanted to acknowledge you. And maybe thank you. For what you did. And what you didn’t.

The journey we shared has to end. Soon. Our separation, inevitable. All I can muster is mixed feelings. You were different from the rest. When we met, it didn’t seem anything special. You, though never failed to surprise me. We shared some of the most beautiful moments together and yet you proved to be my worst adversary on numerous occasions. You have always been so unpredictable. Despite all your evil games, you gave me a lot of firsts. You made me experience things I had only heard or read about. I lost. I drowned. Yet, I was only racing forward. I don’t know how I could manage to tolerate you for such a long time. Maybe it was you making me stronger. You definitely taught me what life is all about.

As we head down our own paths, I am split. Happy and excited. Dismal and scared. Will I miss you? I am not sure. You sure as hell, have been an amazing teacher. However it turns out to be, 2016, I am glad that you happened.


Quote of the day #7

When did we see each other face-to-face? Not until you saw into my cracks and I saw into yours. Before that, we were just looking at ideas of each other, like looking at your window shade but never seeing inside. But once the vessel cracks, the light can get in. The light can get out.

― John Green, Paper Towns

The Pokemon Generation

Flashback a decade back.

Year 2006

Some random day.

4:50 pm: I just snatched the TV remote from my grandfather’s hands. Didn’t really have to snatch it though. He kind of offered me the remote himself. And why not. It had become our daily routine since a time both of us couldn’t remember. I quickly change the channel to Cartoon Network, channel number 23 (I still remember that!). We had cable TV back then.

Swinging my feet, I am giving anxious glances to the clock every 10 seconds waiting for it to strike 5. These used to be longest 10 minutes of my day.

The clock strikes 5. AND THE MOMENT HAS COME!

Sabse behtar banoonga main, jaisa koi aur naa tha………ek safar par nikla hu main, ghoomoonga  chaaro disha……..Pokemon, karne hai haasil………..Pokemon, karne hai haasil, Pokemon.


It’s 5:30 now. Another exciting episode has come to an end. Jigglypuff has just put everyone to sleep and Team Rocket firse haar gayi.

 For many of my generation Pokemon was not just a cartoon. Dare you ever say that! It was a phenomenon our daily lives revolved around. From discussing the latest episode to predicting the next episode, from playing Pokemon trump cards to flaunting our knowledge of the Pokedex and from collecting Tazos to placing bets on them, we seemed to have no other purpose in life. Everything was Pokemon. I don’t think we get enough credit for sky-rocketing the sales of Cheetos and Uncle Chips. Our Tazo collection was a source of pride for us. Gradually, as technology advanced we starting getting hooked on to our computers. Doing what? Playing Pokemon of course! Red, Gold, Emarald, Ruby and all sorts of colors and gems. I still play them sometimes, just like old times.

As for my family, they would repeatedly ask me just one question- “ Pikachu Raichu kaise banta hai?” Grinning widely at their lack of such basic knowledge I would reply “Viksit( evolve ) hokar.” Hearing this they would laugh uncontrollably every time. 10 years down the line I still don’t understand why they would laugh so much whenever I used the word Viksit. Pokemon evolution still makes much more sense to me than Darwin’s Theory of Evolution ever has.

There is no hiding the fact that we have always wanted to lead a life like Ash Ketchum (or Ash Ketchup as I used to call him back then ).  Being able to live those thrilling adventures of catching and battling Pokemon has been one of the biggest childhood dreams.


The dream of millions like me of becoming a Pokemon trainer came true with the release of Pokemon GO. Hence, the worldwide craze. To all those thinking that people who going nuts behind a game are stupid, you are right. It’s the rage, the fever of the realization of a childhood dream. And to those who think people playing the game are kids, you are right again. It gives us the platform to relive our childhood. It brings back those millions of memories our generation has shared. It reminds us of the times when the biggest challenge we faced was to convince the other person that our favorite Pokemon was better than their. And just to let you know, Squirtle is the best. It leads the way in attacks, swag and cuteness.

For me and many of my generation, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that a major chunk  of our childhood can be defined by this very beautiful word, POKEMON.

P.S. You say that you love Pokemon, we are friends automatically 😀