Hi, if you have been following my blog recently, you would have found my pieces to be kinda gloomy and depressing.
You would have guessed that something is amiss. You are right. Things are not okay. Life has been falling apart for a while now. A pretty depressing phase. Nothing makes sense. Numbness is what I am clouded with. Happiness seems to have lost its track.

Today though, I had a thought. From now on I’ll be posting some of the interesting and hopefully funny instances that happen to me. Maybe writing them could bring me some happiness. I’ll try to make them as funny as possible. Let’s see how it goes. If any piece makes you smile, well that would be an added bonus.

When you have no one to run up to,
when words lump in your throat
for they don’t discover ears to rest.
Waiting for someone to knock on your door,
yet not letting them inside.
Paradox, ain’t it?

No, it’s not solitude,
for solitude is tranquil.
Loneliness, it consumes you.